Xnews consolidating rc

As one example we've recently vastly improved the source-map capabilities of the Clojure Script compiler.We do it because we want to give back to the communities that have enabled us, because it helps us, and because it's interesting.

We are looking for (deep breath...)Devops, mid-level and Head of Operations: About Us- Were passionate about building software that dramatically improves the customer experience, end-to-end, around moving.weather, earthquakes, wildfires, solar flares)* Derive joy from seeing huge leaps forward in the customer experience* Mastery in a non-technical discipline (i.e.you are not only a great developer, but also a master at jazz music, mountain climbing, chess, skiing ...We're comfortable with telecommute, however, since we work with HIPPA, you must be in the U.S.* We help medical researchers (especially those working with autistic children) manage their data.* We both use and produce free and open source software (YAML, HTSQL, and soon Rex DB).* We are a Javascript, Python, Postgre SQL, and Linux consulting and custom development group.* We have a Rex DB Saa S offering that is typically hosted on university networks.* Our clients (and users) have demanding problems; they are appreciative, smart & fun.* Our work is primarily funded through foundations and grants (we'll never be flush with cash).

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