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I think that's what makes the battle between the protagonist and the antagonist so captivating for the audience.17: I feel like the core of the movie is feeling like you don't belong or feeling less than on some level. Given that I was spending a lot of my time outside school working on a career, which a lot of people didn't really agree with.

At a certain point at that age, you start to question yourself, like "Is this really what I should be doing?

I think what got me through was that I was very confident in what I loved to do and who I was as a person.

At a certain point, I realized I was not going to care what anyone else thinks and that was what motivated me each and every day.17: Where do you dig in to have that kind of confidence??

Born on April 9, 1987, Jesse has already performed on Broadway stage and taken a role in several long-running small screen series before eventually hit the road to promote his album.

Jesse is familiar to act as he has joined the local community theater production along with his parents since 7.

I was 13 and he was my life, everything to me." Well, it turns out Jesse might have a thing for Selena, too! Now at 26 years old, Jesse knows the age gap between 21-year-old Selena and himself isn't as weird as it would have been when Selena was 13 and acknowledged the difference, saying, “Doesn’t seem that far off now… Now that she's officially single, maybe the two will end up really hitting things off.

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With Cooper (Jesse Mc Cartney) left publicly humiliated and heartbroken, part two will deal with the fallout from her admission (and that kiss! Ahead of the spring finale airing May 27 at 8 p.m., Mc Cartney spoke to franchise. There’s a big reveal, and I think there’s an ongoing love triangle that just comes to a head. The great thing about this show is that it’s a family show, but also a grown-up show.

Furthermore, at age 10, the young actor played a role on Broadway play "The King and I." But his big break was when he got the chance to play on a long-running afternoon drama "All My Children" as Adam Chandler Jr. His role has earned him a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Daytime TV Series - Young Actor (2001) and Best Performance in a TV Drama Series - Supporting Young Actor (2002).

Jesse was also nominated for Daytime Emmy Award for the same role in 20.

I think if you surround yourself with the people who care about you for you, you're going to have a much easier time getting through those four years.

17: Can you talk us through what you get nervous about? I think everybody to a certain degree wants to be likeable and assured that what they're doing is appreciated, and when it isn't, it's really disconcerting and kind of discouraging.

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