Victorian dating chairs

Mahogany or rosewood sofas and chairs displayed a boldly sculptured bunch of grapes with a leaf, or a rose surrounded by leaves.Side chairs of this period were comfortable as well as handsome and, as a general rule, are better liked today than chairs of any other Victorian style.

The frame often was serpentine and always displayed some carving, usually on the arms and back.

The wide sideboards were more simply carved to show Gothic arches.

A Victorian Gothic table recalled the lines of a classic Empire table-rectangular top with ogee-molded drawer in the skirt and supports at either end that consisted of carved columns mounted on bracket feet.

Art decothe style of the flapper, the luxury ocean liner, and the skyscrapercame to epitomize the glamour, luxury, and hedonism of the Jazz Age.

After bursting onto the world stage, it quickly swept the globe, influencing everything from architecture to interior design, fashion jewelry, and radios.

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