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For example, for a user with a subscription to a monthly magazine that publishes a new issue on the first day of each month, consider the timeline shown in To provide access to all the content a customer is entitled to, keep a record of the date that each piece of content is published.

Read the Original Purchase Date, Purchase Date, and Subscription Expiration Date field from each receipt entry to determine the start and end dates of each subscription period.

Doesn't that just change the the MAX number of days for that password to expire?

From the man entry: -M, --maxdays MAX_DAYS Set the maximum number of days during which a password is valid.

You can check for a Subscription Retry Flag in the receipt to determine if the App Store is still attempting to renew the subscription.

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If the subscription lapsed, there will be multiple periods of time during which the subscription was active, and there will be pieces of content unlocked at the beginning of a subscription period.

Your app must also react to new, renewed, and lapsed subscriptions, and properly handle expired subscriptions.

Your app needs to determine which content the user has access to based on the period of time their subscription was active.

Make sure your app’s subscription logic can handle lapses of various durations correctly.

You can check the subscription auto renew status field to determine a subscription’s renewal status.

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