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Hodgins avoids a Jeffersonian Institution "meet & greet" event for donors because he wants to avoid meeting his family and/or Cantilever Group executives in this setting.He is trying to avoid having his coworkers find out about his wealth.He is also seen in many episodes with an i Phone as his mobile device.Hodgins abandons his paranoid thoughts and beliefs after it was revealed his best friend, Zack Addy was aiding an aptly named cannibalistic serial killer The Gormogon (which later was revealed to actually be named, "The Master").Overwhelmingly devastated by his best friend's poor judgment and as well as his recent break up with Angela (see: Relationship with Angela Montenegro), Hodgins' beliefs and feelings of paranoia turned into misanthropy.He explains he "hates everybody" in a session he scheduled with Sweets after being repeatedly confronted by Sweets while working in the lab in The Finger in the Nest.However, as of "Aliens in a Spaceship", Hodgins tells Brennan that his family is rich.In the episode "Two Bodies in the Lab" he is shown driving a Mini Cooper, which is also his car in later episodes.

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He can estimate time of death from the development of insect larvae in human and animal remains.The feelings of hatred toward everybody was the conversion result from the paranoia.Once Hodgins' coping mechanism progresses, his misanthropic feelings will eventually turn into something much nicer. Hodgins and Wendell Bray, a graduate assistant, stated : "We're Booth's people." In the fourth season episode "The Science in the Physicist", Hodgins, after learning Angela's father is in town, wakes up in the middle of the desert, with a bandage on his left shoulder.He wants them to respect him for his contributions and not fear him because technically he could be considered their boss.Booth, Zack and Angela knew about his family, but respected his wishes to keep it from Brennan.

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