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Also, as a country we need to say ‘how do we foster innovation, which is what we want to do, but still protect consumers from fraud? The banks would like to see a level playing field, to a degree.

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“Quite robust and growing significantly,” Armstrong is happy to report.If you allow fintech to open accounts without doing those same checks and balances, is that fair?” Fintech innovators are working on these concerns while continuing to evolve this relatively new concept, and one of those innovators is ATB.“Disruptors are start-ups like peer-to-peer lenders with an aspiration to take out the bank, but there is a whole other group of what we call ‘enablers’ that work with banks.They say ‘we can partner with banks.’ We still have disruptors, but even some folks that were trying to disrupt the market are shifting because they see [the value in] providing technology to the banks that the banks don’t have. “Canadian banks have been embracing fintech and collaborating with the startups.

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