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() Artificial intelligence (AI) experts have warned about the dangerous "revolution" that would occur if lethal autonomous weapons were developed.

But what are some of the other inventions that revolutionized warfare?

The social network hopes the change will boost engagement, and ultimately narrow the gap in it profits between it and its great rival, Facebook.

Climate finance is among the most contentious issues at COP23.

And Verhoeven says few have taken the time to examine the effect the app may be having on their ability to connect with other people in public spaces.

"The feeling we have on the Internet is that we are safe there, that no body is looking at us," Verhoeven says.

"Not that they were unfamiliar with the possibility that people would use Grindr for an art project, but that they would use it without their knowledge or consent." Other Internet art projects Shaka Mc Glotten, a professor at the State University of New York who researches the interaction between art, technology and sexuality, says many artists are using the Internet and apps such as Grindr in their work.

But Mc Glotten stresses the need for an ethical and transparent approach when deploying these tools.

But with Germany heavily reliant on coal, how ambitious is Europe really?"Whether it was to focus on public sex or the kind of relationship between the private and the public in relation to gay male sexuality?Or if it was - as some of the critics have claimed - a kind of inadvertent, erotophobic sex-shaming sort of thing?The artist maintains the project stoked a necessary debate on privacy and identity online.GEO-dating apps still appealing Grindr has become one of the best-known sex navigation apps.

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