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Since Iran agreed on a nuclear deal and economic sanctions were lifted about a year ago, the country has emerged as an attractive proposition on the international stage – not only for trade but also for science.

German research funders are aware of the country’s growing pool of excellent scientists and eager to get in on the action.

Momocs implement this desirable behavior and defines classes and subclasses, as S3 objects.

requires a (very small) cerebral gymnastics at the beginning but the benefits are huge, for defining moprhometric pipelines in Momocs but also for R as a whole.

By gathering the common morphometric approaches in an open-source environment and welcoming contributions, Momocs is an attempt to solve this twofold problem.

Momocs hinges on the core functions published in the must-have by Julien Claude (2008), but has been further extended to allow other shape description systems.

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For instance, centering a configuration of landmarks or an outline, or calculating their centroid size is, mathematically, the same generic operation.

But for all this, there are signs that Iranian research lacks quality and originality.

Iran ranks 34th globally on citations per scientific article.

And while Iran produces large quantities of research papers, the number actually converted into patents is declining, indicating a lack of innovation.

Momocs aims to provide a complete and convenient toolkit for morphometrics.

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