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To be eligible, book your first date with Madison City Girls.

Hearing good things from your date builds trust with City Girls and you will be ready for VIP membership. Madison City Girls has cornered the market of adult dating in Madison.

That’s when our incredible customer service sets in allowing you to schedule through the most convenience process ever.

After that, settle back down, catch your breath and tune in to your computer for some hot fantasy stories on TER, Best GFE and Big Doggie. It’s the little things that count and City Girls is all over making you feel like a King even before your date has begun!

In doing so, we detected a pattern that called into question our screening methods. It was time to do away with all forms of screening except for employment verification.

Today, that is the only form of verification that we accept. We worked long enough with Preferred 411 to identify a flaw in their verification system.

If successful, she schedules and date and discloses a meeting place.

Some independent escorts take the process a step further by sending the hobbyist a private message requesting his last name and informing him that she requires to compare it to his photo ID when they meet.

With all of the glittering qualities of our Madison independent escorts who could want more?

City Girls shares a similar work ethic and was pleased to associate with RS2K for quite some time.

Eventually, it was time to establish our own verification process independent of RS2K.

City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times. Something about us rings true in the ears of local hobbyists.

Perhaps it’s our irrepressibly charming independent Madison escorts to which our VIP members are addicted.

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