Many adventure companies look for young people to hire.

There are opportunities both within the United States and also internationally, as many companies look to hire eager, English-speaking guides due to the popularity of these types of activities among college students who are abroad.

Read More: Although many internships stipulate that candidates must be able to receive college credit in order to be eligible to work, there are some that don't require interns to be enrolled in school.

Many of these types also happen to be paid, offering monetary compensation instead of the opportunity for credit. If you have a passion that you can turn into a part-time job, consider investing in a training course and get certified, or even teach it on your own.

These include all types of platforms, catwalks, landings, stair treads and trenches.

Read More: If you don't feel you're ready to jump into a nine-to-five career, take the year off working a part-time job in an area you're passionate about, or somewhere you've always thought about working at - like at a flower shop, for example - but never had the time to try out.

Not only does this give you the opportunity to pad your bank account post-college, but, it could develop into more promising opportunities down the road.

Learn More Our Bridge & Transportation Division offers design and engineering support for movable and other bridge applications which require open grid systems to support vehicular loads and/or pesestrian foot traffic.

Learn More We offer a full line of products that meet ADA Requirements and/or AASHTO Standards for vehicular loads.

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