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Scott Logsdon and Steve Marzullo’s show, which is making its debut at the Abbey as the winner of Florida Theatrical Association's first New Musical Discovery Series, stars Alexa Nielen as Joyce Jackson, the queen bee of the Class of 1958.Joyce has a handsome boyfriend, Mix (Bobby Hogan), whom she never allows past first base, and a gaggle of gal-pals representing all the traditional high school stereotypes: shy Nancy (Eva Gluck), awkward Frieda (Amelia Bryant), ditzy Betty (Jenna Coleman) and slutty Louise (Marissa Ann Volpe).The fine cast coaxes some tight vocal harmonies out of the score, but even if they weren’t struggling against the Abbey’s uneven sound amplification, most of Marzullo’s cookie-cutter melodies and Logsdon’s innuendo-laden lyrics don’t leave a lingering impression.

Injecting a bit of adventure is also part of the new formula.

Ok Cupid just launched Crazy Blind Date, an app that lets users pick a location and a day, then sit back and get paired up someone to go out with.

“In order to create love, you have to create mystery,” said E.

But it’s an industry that is undergoing rapid change, as users move to mobile devices and companies strive to keep up.

The numbers for big dating sites have been mostly stagnant or, in some cases, decreasing in recent years, according to data from Nielsen, the media research company.

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