Dating stella harmony guitars q tip dating history

Even those who are not aficionados on any particular instrument can collect more then one piece.

The range here contains a Sampson jazz guitar from 1930’s Chicago, an Eston, made in Italy, a Maton, made in Australia and even an old Ashton and Harmony, the two in this collection, apart from the Maton, which their owner states produces the sweetest sounds.

PRICE: 9 110817B Made in the Chicago factory in 1960, this Harmony was built at the dawn of the folk music era.

Completely rebuilt and capable of handling various playing styles.Rebuilt from the inside out, this guitar now offers some modern updates including an amber burst finish, X-braced top, maple back, radius’d rosewood fretboard with new frets and compensated bone saddle.It has a nice bluesy punch to round off its virtues.The range is both acoustic and electric with one being borrowed by a local musician on a few occasions due to his love of its sound.Eston guitars were made in Italy by Eko and imported into Australia in the 1970’s by Lamberti Brothers of Melbourne under there own brand Eston not as Eko.

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