Dating rituals germany in the 1990s

Sturm 34 persecuted the town's inhabitants for months before police finally intervened.

In one particularly brutal incident the gang appears to have practised a favourite form of neo-Nazi assault called "kerb biting" in which the victim's lower jaw is smashed against a kerbstone with a kick from a steel-capped boot.

His premises were searched last year and prosecutors discovered photographs of German Jewish community leaders which were suspected of having been used as targets for pistol shooting practice.

Finding new support * Germany banned Hitler's National Socialist Party in 1945, but the neo-Nazi NPD was allowed to form in West Germany in 1964 and made some short-lived political gains during that decade, although it has never entered a national government.

In a report published last week, the domestic intelligence agency concluded that the country's far right had all but completely shed the aggressive skinhead image it was renowned for in the 1990s.

"Members of the far right scene prefer to wear clothing or brands that orient themselves more towards general trends in youth fashion," the report noted.

The party found new support in east Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and has since won seats in eastern state parliaments.

The government tried to ban the NPD in 2001, but the constitutional court overruled it.

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Locals tending stalls outside low red brick houses offered home-baked bread and smoke-cured sausage.

However some of the far-right party's politicians have not managed to hide behind the new guise of respectability.

Sven Kruger, a building contractor who is also an NPD politician, has been exposed for using a sign to advertise his company which shows a sledgehammer smashing what looks like a Star of David.

Experts on the far right say that in public the NPD's political core goes out of its way to distance itself from such behaviour in public.

Many of its members have exchanged skinhead haircuts and boots for an almost preppy look.

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