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His wife Coumba Gueye helps on weekends, both children in tow. “My son loves all the women who come in the shop,” Daaray says, before telling the boy: “You can only have one wife in America.”‘Not going to stay all my life’The women of Little Senegal glue the community together.

Daaray prides himself on self-sufficiency, but much of his success depends on Coumba.

Dakar - The 2018 World Cup qualifier between South Africa and Senegal will be replayed on either November 8 or November 9, the Senegalese Football Federation (FSF) said on Friday.

She came to New York in 2006, after persuading her husband to let her join him.He had wanted to do accounting for his friends, but had a dream about Cheikh Amadu Bamba, the father of the Sufi Muslim sect, Muridism.Inspired to change course, he opened a bookstore dedicated to Muridism. His brother and sister-in-law work next door in their clothing store Oprama, named after Obama and Oprah.Coumba says Senegal allows women to have more fruitful family and social lives, while succeeding in careers.“In Senegal, a lot of women are encouraged to get education. I feel like there is discrimination to get jobs here, as a woman.”Backbone of the family Community organiser Jebe Diagne feels the future of the community rests on its women.

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