Dating a wiccan woman

“By working with your own energy and seeing your own words and creations as spells and magick,” Gabriela says, “you’re more easily able to combat the outside world because you’re regaining control of your inner world.” The increased chaos of our external environments — brought on by the rise of social media and a government that largely feels out of control — seems to have triggered our desire to reset ourselves internally. The ritualistic nature of the occult, as well as its emphasis on femininity (in all its forms) has drawn the modern woman in.

In a society where masculine energy has a higher value, women often adapt by silencing their feminine energy.

Where their ancestors hid in fear of persecution, these modern witches are anything but subtle.

Everyday women are purchasing bracelets injected with healing water, Instagramming the crystals they keep on their desks at work, and downloading meditation apps to help themselves stay focused.

This beautiful deck is one of my favorites, the second edition of @the_wild_unknown) A post shared by Gabriela Lorraine (@gabyherstik) on The oppression that women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and identities face on a day-to-day basis has, for many women, become too much to bear.

Women want to be in control, to wield energy, and to tap into the power of their intentions.

Witchcraft, on the other hand, allows that energy to be not only freed, but nurtured.

Definitely feeling the nurturing and self-love energy of the Cancer card today. I'm clearly obsessed with Rose Quartz these days....

Modern women are grabbing elements from a variety of occult subcultures and mashing them together to form a sort of super-esoterism, one laced with feminism and intersectionality, as well as magic.

So obviously the ratio of women to men in Wicca doesn't mean that Wicca is for women and not men, any more than Christianity is. It could be said that most men get their "spiritual needs" met by worshipping a God, because they can see themselves in Divinity.

Women seem to be more innately spiritually-inclined... Even in Christian churches, it's more women than men, and most of the men and children are there at the behest of their wives and mothers.

Deck: Arcana of Astrology #arcanaofastrology #mercuryretrograde #astrology #astrologersofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #taroteverydamnday #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarot #tarotdeck A post shared by Black And The Moon (@blackandthemoon) on Teens and young women of every generation have gravitated toward the occult. Berger told Vice in 2015 that young people find witchcraft through bookshops, large online forums like Witch Vox, as well as through their colleges and universities.

The young adults who practice witchcraft were primarily doing it alone in 2015, she told Vice.

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