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Enya proposed to Cerullo (who said “Yes,” BTW) on the rugby pitch as friends held up heart-shaped balloons behind them.The story ignited across social media (even if the International Olympics Committee has been trying to take down any video of the proposal for “copyright” issues).Did you see this TOTALLY adorable Olympic proposal?! This year alone, we’ve had charges of corruption, doping scandals, and so many stories of social unrest in Rio.However, despite all that, there are some powerful things happening at the 2016 Olympics, in terms of LGBT rights and love, and it would be a shame if they were ignored.Their time at Rio is already going well — their team beat Australia on August 6 with a score of 2-1.

Parties can marry at a younger age, but with both parental and judicial consent. With parental consent, parties can marry at age seventeen with the exception that if one party does not have a parent who resides in the state and one party has been a resident in Oregon for at least six months, then no permission is necessary. The Russian government had enacted laws that banned the “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations,” which many people interpreted as a ban on open displays of LGBT affection.There was a swift and defiant response from many members of the global community — President Obama included three openly gay athletes in the U. Olympic delegation — but the Olympics were still being held in a country that essentially criminalized being gay, lesbian, transgender, questioning, or any other “nontraditional” gender definition.Interviewed afterwards, Enya told the press that, "As soon as I knew she was in the squad, I thought I have to make this special.The Olympic games can look like closure but, for me, it's starting a new life with someone.

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