Bar girl dating

Her name has the word “porn” in it but she claims it means “wish” in Thai.

Online, you talked to her for hours everyday about your life and feelings.

She’s already friends with your sister on Facebook and has watched way too much Friends and Gossip Girl. The Bar Girl You never thought a trip to Nana Plaza would end in true love, but there she is in front of Spanky’s bar screaming “Handsome mannnn! You give her a big tip and pay a THB1,000 bar fine, so she can spend the night at your guest house.

The downsides: she might have dreadlocks and definitely wants to take a tuk-tuk. She doesn’t like Western food but will put up with your burger obsession and pretend to enjoy it.Editor’s Note: This article was written by Coconuts Bangkok’s two female editors, based on anecdotal evidence, observation and hours of conversation with real, actual men.If you’ve been in Bangkok awhile, you might recognize some of these profile types.No worries, that’s really her husband and he doesn’t want to get a job so he’s happy to share his wife with you instead.Until he does too much yaba one night and kills you both.

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