Bakugan dating

I got out of the car as well…He walked me to my front door… If I kissed him then and there, afterwards he might regret it and avoid me. So I stood with my back to him, my hair covering the expression on my face, ready to open the door... Without a second thought I raced into his arms and engulfed him in a hug. "You don't know how long I've waited to hear those words…Shun Kazami." I said, laying my head on his chest. After about a minute I remembered that the both of us were lying on the grass in front of my house.

He took in a deep breath and picked up the phone again. He stepped back and offered his hand again "Will you dance with me? "I-I-I mean if you'll allow me too…"Alice unknowingly holds him tighter to him in order to hide her obsessive red blush.

He was sitting there, alone watching the phone and the small piece of parchment as if waiting for it to move. He specifically asked for every person and bakugan in the mansion to leave him be, including his own bakugan. He'd asked Mira and Runo for favor and they were more than happy to help him retrieve it, without being a laughing stalk that is. Shun rolled his eyes before getting closer to Alice and took her hands in his."I'm glad you came Alice.""Me too Shun." She smiled with cute blush. Because I fully intended to make every night like this." Realizes what he just said.

He sighed roughly while running a hand through his back length hair. He'd seen many men his age do this task about a trillion times on real life and television. Well, that wasn't entirely true, the ones that got anything opposite those results were usually weird nerdy creepers. The music was soft and sweet and everyone seemed to be in some type of peaceful Christmas daze.

I ran to the door, but before running outside I skidded to a stop in front of the mirror. Well, when you spend the whole day on the sofa watching TV what do you expect? I laughed at the childish innocence on his face but then I turned serious. " he questioned softly."N-nothing…" I gulped, my heart was beating very fast and it felt like my breath was getting hitched in my wind-pipe. I fumbled around with my fork."You know, this is a pretty high class restaurant and playing with forks like little children in considered bad manners." He teased. "Well, if I can show up to such a place with T-shirt and Jeans then I may as well toy with the fork." I retorted. I felt my cheeks grow hot as I gazed at the black-haired, golden-eyed boy in front of me. And maybe I should no longer refer to him as a boy.

I knew from the moment I heard his voice that something was up. 'Meet me outside in five minutes.'There was this urgency in his voice that I just could not ignore. Shun slowly moved closer to me and took my hand in his."Don't mind them…Everything will be fine, Alice."The warmth of his hand soothed me and I chose to forget the gazes of all the people around me. As my eyes drifted towards Shun I was surprised to find his golden orbs staring back at me. No way…I shook my head from side to side, dismissing the idea."What's wrong? But at times, I feel like the term best-friend wasn't enough to what I wanted him to be.

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