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It's best not to delay if you suspect a child is being sexually abused.

You can talk directly to the police or your local children's social services and this can be anonymous.

In this video series experts explain who is most vulnerable, typical behaviour patterns of the abusers and how to spot the signs.

You'll also get advice on what you can do if someone you know is at risk or has been a victim of CSE.

Problems at school – an abused child may have difficulty concentrating and learning, and their grades may start to drop.

Giving clues – children may also drop hints and clues that the abuse is happening without revealing it outright.

If you are concerned about your own thoughts or behaviour towards children, you can phone Stop It Now! If you are a child and someone is sexually abusing you, you can get help and advice from Child Line – phone 0800 1111, calls are free and confidential.

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Children may also be bribed or threatened by their abuser, or told they won't be believed.

Nine out of 10 children know or are related to their abuser.

Eighty percent of child sex abuse happens either in the child's home or the abuser's.

Children often don't talk about sexual abuse because they think it is their fault or they have been convinced by their abuser that it is normal or a "special secret".

Child sexual abuse is illegal in the UK and covers a range of sexual activities, including: Both boys and girls can be victims of sexual abuse, but girls are six times more likely to be abused.

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